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Graphtec FCX2000 Series No Compromise Low-Cost Die-Free Cutting And Processing

The FCX2000 is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die. Reduce media waste / processing time with Graphtec’s precision cutting and dedicated software. Added offline (USB) operation enables users of all skill levels to easily process materials.


Table size in the Line-up

3 different table size with choice of vacuum suction or electrostatic media-hold down methods depending on application.

FCX2000-60 (VC)
FCX2000-120 (VC / ES)
FCX2000-180 (VC)

Media hold-down method

Vacuum suction

Holds media using external pump (blower). This method is suitable for heavy or thicker materials.

Electrostatic (*)

Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel. This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.
(*) Available in limited region.


Model nameFCX2000-60VCFCX2000-120VCFCX2000-180VCFCX2000-120ES
ConfigurationDigital servo system, Flatbed
Media hold-down methodVacuum suctionElectrostatic
Effective cutting area610mm x 920mm1200mm x 920mm1800mm x 920mm1200mm x 920mm
Mountable media (Y-axis)950mm (37.4 inch)
Roll media supportRoll media stocker (manual feeding), supported media; width: up to 950 mm, weight: up to 5 kg
Maximum cutting speed400 mm/s (1 to 40 cm/s in 16 steps), in all directions
Cutting forceTool 1: Max. 4.9 N (500 gf), Tool 2: Max. 9.8 N (1 kgf)
Cutting force settingsTool 1: in 40 steps, Tool 2: in 40 steps
Minimum character heightApprox. 3 mm square (Approx. 0.12 inch) (varies with character font and media) (*2)
Programmable resolutionGP-GL mode: 0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01 mm, HP-GL™ : 0.025 mm
Distance accuracyMax. 0.1% of the distance moved or 0.1 mm, whichever is larger
(value after distance correction / excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode) (*2)
PerpendicularityMax 0.5 mm / 900 mm (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
RepeatabilityMax 0.1 mm (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode) (*2)
DisplayGraphic type LCD (240 dots × 128 dots), supports Japanese, English and Chinese
Standard interfacesRS-232C, USB2.0 (High-Speed), and Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Command setsGP-GL and HP-GL™ emulation (set by menu, or selects automatically by received data)
Number of toolsTwo tools
Cutting blade, pen, and tool typesCutting blade (supersteel), Pens (Water-based fiber-tip pen, oil-based ballpoint pen), and Creasing/scoring tool (*7)
Power source100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching)
Power consumptionMax. 140 VA
Operating environmentTemperature: +10 to +35 ºC, Humidity: 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing)
Guaranteed accuracy environmentTemperature: +16 to +32 ºC, Humidity: 35% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
External dimensions
[W x D x H] (Approx.)
1344 x 1409 x 930 mm
(Including stand)
1934 x 1409 x 930 mm
(Including stand)
2534 x 1409 x 930 mm
(Including stand)
1934 x 1409 x 930 mm
(Including stand)
Weight (Approx.)76 kg (Including stand) (*3)99 kg (Including stand) (*3)116 kg (Including stand) (*3)93 kg (Including stand)
Compatible OS (*4)Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1, Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.11 / macOS 10.12 (Sierra) to 12 (Monterey)
Supported software (*4)(*5)Cutting Master 4 (*6), Graphtec Pro Studio (*6), Graphtec Studio(for Mac)
SafetyUL60950-1/cUL, CE marking (Low voltage and EMC)
*1 Available in a limited region. Please contact your local representative of Graphtec. *2 When operated with Graphtec specified media and conditions. *3 Pump (blower) for vacuum suction media hold-down system is not included. *4 For more information about Windows and Macintosh compatibility, please check the website or contact your local representative of Graphtec. *5 The software can be used by downloading from Graphtec website. *6 It requires an Internet connection in order for activation or registration when starting the software for the first time. *7 Recommend to use with Adhesive sheet or Cling mat.

Media type

〇: Available △:Limited
Type of media Thickness Support cutting blade FCX2000-60VC FCX2000-120VC FCX2000-180VC FCX2000-120ES FCX4000-50/60ES
Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) up to 0.25 mm CB09UB-5
Heavy paper/board (pattern paper, oil board) up to 0.5 mm CB15U-5, CB15U-K30-5
up to 1.0 mm CB15U-5, CB30UC-1 (*2)
Compressed foam sheet up to 0.8 mm CB15U-K30-5
Sandblast resist rubber up to 1.0 mm
Cardboard E flute up to 1.5 mm CB30UC-1 (*1)
F / G flute up to 1.2 mm CB30UC-1
Rubber sheet up to 1~2 mm PM-CB-001 (*1)
Clear sheet for plastic boxes up to 0.5 mm CB15U-5
up to 1.0 mm CB15U-K30-5
High-intensity reflective film up to 0.5 mm CB15UA-5
up to 1.0 mm CB15UA-K30-5
(*1) Cutting accuracy is not guaranteed. Be sure to try it before using it.
(*2) CB30UC is not available for FCX4000 series.

Standard accessories

* Please read Cutter Blade Manual before use.
item Q’ty Description
Power cable 1 The type of cable is different by destination
Cutting blade holder 1 PHP35-CB15-HS
Cutting blade 1 CB15U-2, CB15U-K30-5
Loupe 1 PM-CT-001 (for checking the extruded length of blade)
Pen holder 1 PHP31-FIBER
Water-based fiber-tip pen 1 KF700-BK (Black)
Height adjustment tool 1 For adjusting position of tool head (plate, key wrench)
Protect sheet 1 PM-CR-004A for ES models only
USB cable 1 Length 2.9 m
Roll media stocker 1 Loadable media: width up to 950 mm, weight up to 5 kg
Stand 1 Legs of the stand (Connecting bar is packed with main unit)
DVD-ROM 1 User’s manual (PDF), Cutter blade manual, Windows driver (OPS662), Cutting Master 4 (plug-in software for Illustrator/CorelDRAW in Windows, Illustrator in Mac), Graphtec Pro Studio (design software for Windows), Graphtec STUDIO (Design software for Mac)
Printed document 1 Quick guide, Usage Precautions, Safety manual
Durable flexible hose 1 For VC models only, 1.5 to 5 m (shrinked/extended) Connection bore diameter: 50mm
Hose band 2 For VC models only, to fix the hose


Item Part No. Description
Graphtec Pro Studio Plus OPS682-PLS Design software including all advanced functions. (1 license)
Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Rhinestone OPS682-RSF Limited edition of rhinestone function only. (1 license)
Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Auto Nesting OPS682-ANF Limited edition of auto nesting function only. (1 license)
Warning Light (Optional) (*1) OPH-A40 The component incorporated to FCX2000
(*1) For requests of installing a Warning Light on your FCX2000, please contact local representative of us.


Scale : mm Tolerance : +/- 5 mm
Scale : mm Tolerance : +/- 5 mm
Scale : mm Tolerance : +/- 5 mm
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